Other Plug-in Files

Occasionally you may need a plugin that is not available by the software web site. This page gives you access to plugins you may need to add content to your courses or to provide to your students to view your content.


If you are trying to add a PowerPonit 2003 (.ppt) file to your course from a Mac, you will find that you need DropZip 8.0.2. If you try to zip your .ppt folder with DropZip 7.0, your .ppt presentation will not display. This only applies to Mac OS 9.0 or X and PowerPoint 2001 and 2003.

Download Stuffit Standard 8.0.2 (DMG)

If you are unable to download a file (link) by clicking on it...Depending on the browser (Netscape, IE, Safari, or Firefox) computer (Mac or PC), and mouse you can download it by: