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The term writing project is intended to help students demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the health topic they have chosen to research. The research must focus on a specific area of health and not a general subject. The written paper will be in form of an analytical (explanatory) or argumentative (persuasive) research paper. Students will be graded in part on how well they can:

Directions for the assignment and the grading criteria can be found in Blackboard in the “Assignments” Folder. Additionally, the term paper assignment will be discussed in detail during the third week of the quarter. A guest speaker will also attend to provide information about campus resources available to assist you with enhancing your writing skills.

The term writing project will take about 12-20 hours to complete depending on your research and writing skills.

Due Date

All Term Papers must be submitted to Blackboard's Assignment Tool by noon on Friday Nov. 21. Any papers sent after noon on Friday Nov. 21 will receive 0 points (F) for this assignment unless you have a signed medical reason from a doctor why you were unable to submit your file on time.

The Assignment tool

Instructions on how to use the Asignment tool is on the Blackboard Support site. It is up to you to read and understand how to use this tool. I recommend that you test it by sending me ONE word file no later than Nov. 18. You may review your Gradebook to verify that I have received your paper.

You must save your file with the following naming setup:


It is important that you use this file name, which states the assignment type and your initials (DKS), so I know who the file belongs to once I have downloaded it to my computer.


This term paper is 50 points. Once I have finished, you may review it in the Gradebook with my comments, changes, and grade by Friday Nov. 28.