Due Date

All Term Papers must be submitted to Blackboard's Assignment Tool by noon on Friday Nov. 21. Any papers sent after noon on Friday Nov. 21 will receive 0 points (F) for this assignment unless you have a signed medical reason from a doctor why you were unable to submit your file on time.

The Assignment tool

Instructions on how to use the Assignment tool is on the Blackboard Support site (http://blackboardsupport.calpoly.edu/content/students/course_assignment.html). It is up to you to read and understand how to use this tool. I recommend that you test it by sending me ONE word file no later than Nov. 18. You may review your Gradebook to verify that I have received your paper.

You must save your file with the following naming setup:


It is important that you use this file name, which states the assignment type and your initials (DKS), so I know who the file belongs to once I have downloaded it to my computer.


This term paper is 100 points. Once I have finished, you may review it in the Gradebook with my comments, changes, and grade by Friday Nov. 28.